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Fight with Functional Foods

This article compiles various ingredients that are proven effective in the prevention or treatment of the diseases referenced in the corresponding ingredient monographs (summaries). While there is no vaccine or other measure to prevent COVID-19, the referenced ingredients are rated for probable effectiveness in lessening the effects of viruses and infections and have shown evidence in bolstering immune systems.



ARE YOU IMMUNE? The only way to have the COVID19 antibodies is if you have been exposed. For complete details about this test, visit the CDC here. You may not have any symptoms if exposed. At present, you cannot perform this test yourself and must visit a practitioner’s office to do so. This is the first dry-blood test to be approved by the FDA. Click here for the Letter of Authorization. See restrictions and limitations related to this test <> READ MORE


Trusted Resources

Click Here for Scientific & Medical Facts from the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control, American Academy of Family Physicians, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and more. We have carefully curated science-based resource sites and articles we are relying upon during these difficult times. We encourage readers to be mindful of all sources and challenge anything that seems questionable. It is especially important to assess sources and confirm where content originates.<> READ MORE


Preventative Measures

Everyone wants a healthy immune system, especially during this time of year. But apart from washing your hands and getting good sleep, what does science suggest you do to boost your immune health through supplements? Read on for six herbal supplements and vitamins (and the foods that contain them!) to support optimal immune health.

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