Partner Program Overview

Who we are

Fitness Formulary is a one-stop, online retailer offering medically authoritative recommendations for foods, supplements, vitamins, minerals, hair and skincare products. We leverage relationships between consumers and their health systems, health clubs, hospitals, medical practices and membership organizations (our “Partners”) through revenue sharing. 


Product recommendations based upon clinical findings supporting the effectiveness of ingredients is the cornerstone of our solution. Rich and relevant content is tailored to individuals’ needs. We provide actionable plans to improve health, diagnostics and outcome measurement. Competitive prices, a rich loyalty program and partner profit sharing are all rolled into one broad-based, highly adaptable and scalable solution.

Benefits For Patients/Members/Consumers:

  • Clarity in product application and effectiveness
  • Trusted source backed by medical and scientific evidence
  • Offers tailored, relevant and medically validated product recommendations
  • Provides one-stop shopping from a massive warehouse selection, reduced to a precisely defined and personalized shopping basket of relevant products
  • Market price matching providing competitive pricing
  • Rich loyalty rewards transferable to multiple partner organization 

Benefits For Our Partners

  • Significant incremental revenue with no enrollment costs
  • Provides additional value to patients/members/consumers
  • Creates a virtual retail solution, eliminating costs for space and staff
  • Mitigates liability associated with making product recommendations
  • Eliminates loss, shrinkage, damage related to carrying inventory
  • Reduces demands on physicians, clinicians, nutritionists and nurses
  • Provides a knowledge resource leading to actionable plans that can be executed and monitored for outcomes and analysis