Diet & Nutrition 40•30•30 The 40•30•30 iPhone App lets you quickly calculate the percentage of calories in a food from the three macronutrient groups: carbohydrates, protein, and fat
Lifestyle Alcohol aware  Track your drinks, volume and content. Upgrade to count your calories as well. Available for iPhone
Diet & Nutrition Calorie Tracker (Livestrong) Track your calories, exercise and progress to achieve your optimal wellness with this comprehensive online journal
Diet & Nutrition Easy Diet Diary  Be more mindful of what you eat with this free app that allows you to track your foods with easy barcode scanning, calorie counts and energy expenditure. Track your protein, total fat, saturated fat, total carbohydrates, sugars and sodium for a deeper understanding of what your diet looks like.
Diet & Nutrition Fooducate  Worried about what's happening in your grocery bag? Track your diet and exercise, choose a healthier alternative and create healthy shopping lists. Scan barcodes and submit products for analysis for others to enjoy
Diet & Nutrition Livestrong – MyPlate Looking for a meal log for your everyday foods. Reach your fitness and wellness goals by tracking caloric intake, exercise expenditure, and water consumption
Diet & Nutrition Lose It! Track your daily meals, cheer on your friends and hit your goals with this food log and activity tracker that helps promote sustained wellness
Run/Walk Map my Fitness Grab your phone and hit the pavement with this app that uses your GPS to track your miles. Sync your devices to easily share data for food and activity and share your success with all your friends on Facbook and Twitter
Diet & Nutrition MyFitnessPal Logging food and activity are the key ingredients to long term weight management. MyFitnessPal lets you log food and activity quickly and simply. The app learns from you and your previous meals and exercise and connects to other apps for data import
Diet & Nutrition MyNetDiary Natural diet log and plan to help you become more well and to keep it up
Diet & Nutrition Nutrition Menu Get nutrition advice at the touch of a button without connecting to the internet, with Shroomies. Over 41,000 restaurant menu items with over 350 restaurants. Check out the calories, fat, carbs, fiber, serving size, protein, cholesterol, sodium and sugars. Also get nearly 150 built in exercises, estimate calories burned, journal your meals and track your weight
Exercise & Fitness Up by Jawbone This stylish device takes a holistic approach to your health. The band tracks your movement and sleep in the background and the app displays your data, lets you add things like meals and mood and delivers insights that keep you moving forward.
Diet & Nutrition Vitabot You eat healthy and clean, but chances are you're missing vital nutrients in your diet. Vitabot helps you get all the recommended nutrients you need on a daily basis with great suggestions and how to's