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Since your body needs approximately 40 vitamins and minerals each day, it isn’t always possible to get everything you need from food alone. To find the perfect multivitamin for you, look for these six characteristics.


As one of the best-studied diets and one of the easiest to follow, the Mediterranean diet decreases your risk for 7+ diseases. 

With mass amounts of conflicting nutrition information, it’s easy to feel like there’s no consensus on which foods are healthy. When it comes down to it though, the best nutritional advice can be explained in one sentence.


Examples of products scientifically proven effective for the conditions are shown below.
Buried Treasure
Sleep Complete
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32 oz
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EAS Myoplex
Nutrition Shake
Chocolate Cream
Source Naturals
Wellness Formula   
120 Caps
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Fitjoy Bar
Birthday Cake Batter
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