Yoga All-in yoga: 300 yoga poses and classes  Become the yogi you want to be and construct your own flow with this app. Learn on your phone or download for your Mac.
Yoga Authentic yoga: Deepak Chopra  Learn from the master: Deepak Chopra, M.D., F.A.C.P.  and as Time magazine calls him "poet-prophet of alternative medicine". Practice wherever you can fit your mat lead by legendary yogi, Tara Stiles.
Exercise & Fitness Fitness builder Learn and perfect each lift and exercise with over 800 workouts and a personal trainer to attain each goal you want to reach. Drag and drop workouts to create your own program
Exercise & Fitness Gain  Train yourself with the help of leading professionals in a variety of different activities with Gain Fitness. Training packs allow you to choose time, activity and log all your fun.
Exercise & Fitness Gorilla Workout  Looking to get fit on a tight budget? Follow the gorilla through 40+ different body weight workouts with 4 levels of fitness. With great demonstration videos and instructions, this app makes getting fit attainable for almost anyone
Exercise & Fitness Gym Goal  With great graphics, images, animation and text direction, this app is uber versatile and powerful. Create your routines in different ways, track your workouts, measurements,fat and much more
Exercise & Fitness Vitogo Fitness  Now you've got the knowledge of a trainer on your phone. Vitogo plans a workout plan based on your wants and needs and takes out the guessing. Check out the descriptions, photos and videos and know exactly when your next reps should start with the countdown timer.