Improve Circulation

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  • ABI, aneurysm, angiography, ankle-brachial index, arteritis, atherosclerosis, balloon angioplasty, bruit, Buerger’s disease, bypass surgery, capillary fragility, cholesterol, chronic thromboangiitis, chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), chronic venous ulcers, circulatory disorders, claudication, CLI, critical limb ischemia, CVI, diabetes, ECG, edema, electrocardiogram, fluid retention, gangrene, heart attack, intermittent claudication, lower extremity edema, PAD, peripheral arterial disease, plaque, PVD, Salmonella, stent, stroke, syphilis, Takayasu disease, ultrasound, varicose leg ulcers, vascular damage, vascular fragility, vasculitis, venous disorders, venous leg ulcers, water retention, yellow nail syndrome.

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