Cold, Flu & Cough

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  • Acute viral nasopharyngitis, adenoviruses, adrenal gland, allergic rhinitis, allergy, antihistamine, benzocaine, bronchial tubes, bronchitis, cilia, coronaviruses, cortisol, coxsackieviruses, crystal meth, cytokines, dander, dyclonine, echoviruses, epithelial, eustachian tubes, Fahrenheit, flu, hay fever, hexylresorcinol, HIV, human immunodeficiency virus, humidifier, immune system, immunity, influenza, larynx, lozenges, malnutrition, menthol, methamphetamine, mucous membrane, mucus, otitis media, phenol/sodium phenolate, pneumonia, respiratory syncytial viruses (RSV), rhinoviruses, sinus, sinusitis, Strep throat, stress, symptomatic, thymus gland, trachea, turbinates, vaporizer, viral infection, viral load, virus.

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